Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bar Kays. Son of Shaft. 1972.

How cool would it be to have the Bar Kays follow you around, wiggling that wah wah strut, accentuating every motion you made? That's like my fantasy.

SPACEMEN 3 - Revolution



Growing up, I would rewatch 'Wayne's World' over and over for that scene in Garth's 'merf-mobile.' Cliché but this shit is pretty epic.

Mountain. Mississippi Queen. 1970.

You know you're living large when you're a fat dude lead man in a band called Mountain. 'Nuff fucking said.

Lucifer's Friend. Riding the Sky.

Passport? Check. Sexy Stewardess? Check. Barf bag? Check.

Catch a jet turbine out of this town, one way ticket face down.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jaco Pastorius. Santa Barbara County Bowl. 1979.

The underdog. The rhythm section. The backup man. The bullpen. A lot of names have been given to the under appreciated bass player, but only one was crowned JACO. Here's some bass sure to melt your face. Give this pot roast some time, it's just starting to cook.

Flight of the Phoenix - Grand Funk Railroad, 1972

Mark Farner let's Madison Square Garden know that B3 = balls cubed.

The Coming of Prince Kajaku - UFO, 1971

Pre-Schenker lineup. I gotta say I'm a pretty big fan of mick Bolton. Sorry Schenk. Still friends right?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Song Remains the Same - Led Zeppelin

Let's bring it down a little bit from that previous post. Allow ZOSO to take your hand and shred your face by way of double-guitar.


Let's all take a collective hit of acid, fast forward to 2:00 in and move to Providence.

Friends Forever

The Mysteries of . . .Hold Your Head up - Caustic Resin, 2000

I'm still getting skin grafts a and coughing up black tar. As if the name Caustic Resin wasn't enough, throw in indie-shredders from Dinosaur Jr & Built to Spill and release the choke.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ear-shattering vocals.
Eight way neon lighting effects.
Unstoppable hair.
Quad-fucking guitar similar to that of an X-Wing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group, 1973

What Edgar Winter is missing in mealanin, he makes up for in white hot genius! No one before him had leashed himself to a live synth for the sole purpose of battling it Spock and Kirk style on live television. Once he's left the rig in a spent smoldering heap, he takes all comers. Oh, shit, is that a frikking saxophone? BAM! A gang of toms? BAM BAM BAM. "Amazing"


Do you ever want to tear the face off of your fellow man?

Black Coffee - Humble Pie 1973

I was boogilitizing my soul on the Small Faces catalog yesterday, and slipped into this Ike and Tina cover belted away by Steve Marriott in his Humble Pie days. Holy Hannah, that cracker can sing.


I might as well christen this blog's maiden voyage with a total metal ERUPTION by none other than Mr. Eddie Van Halen himself.

Load up your F-150, open the tailgate, scroll your iPod to your 'fucking awesome' playlist. Melt.

Let There Be Rock! - AC/DC 1977

I know this jam got rode hard by the Guitar Hero folks but, Christ almighty, wet or not this rocker won't be put away.

By AC/DC's fourth album, the transformation of Angus Young from a human with a guitar into Satan's hum-itar hybrid R&R jackhammer was complete.

Let there be ROCK!