Monday, September 14, 2009

Jimmy Page. Prelude. 1983.

The 1980's were a treacherous time for Jimmy Page. He wandered aimlessly, reeling from the death of John Bonham and the loss of the greatest band in the world. As a player, he seemed to be a shell of his former self. As a human, he was a drug addled gnome spewing gibberish while getting pinched for blowing lines on trains in England.

The junk had aged him something fierce. He lost his chops and had a nasty case of the Jello legs. His spindly frame became almost freakish. You wondered if he could still wield that juggernaut of a double-neck around. Like when Beck and Clapton bailed him out of a particularly stinky rendition of Stairway to Heaven. Or when he and the boys got together for a horrific Live Aid performance. The one where Phil Collins crapped out a putrid, rotting corpse of a drum session. All while wearing a white fucking leisure suit. What a dick.

Then there was this gem of a Chopin cut off the Death Wish II soundtrack...

Yep, you heard that right. Jimmy Page wrote and performed the soundtrack to the most ridiculous movie about vigilante justice ever made. The movie where Bronson mowed down entire generations of street thugs.

Introducing Prelude No. 4 in E minor, performed in NYC in 1983. Prepare to have your epidermis replaced, because this one is a doozy. If it doesn't restore your faith in the dark knight, nothing will.


  1. This was a boring clip. Were you kidding?

  2. What? There's more soul in that guitar than the tip of Otis Redding's dick.

    Wait, maybe not that much.

  3. i was at this show.
    it was such an emotional moment.
    a resurection for a near dead rock star.
    a glimmer of hope for what was to come.
    the second coming of an iconic rock star.