Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terry Reid. Rich Kid Blues. 1969.

Perhaps the dumbest business decision in the history of Rock and Roll, Terry Reid was the guy that turned down Jimmy Page's offer to front Led Zeppelin. He did however recommend the blonde baubled blues howler, Robert Plant. That recommendation alone will likely ensure him a shrine in the Facemelter Hall of Riffage. It doesn't hurt that he's a kick-dick vocalist in his own right.

Good footage of this dude on top of his game is hard to come by, and because he was tainted by the horrific production and management of Mickie Most (the only guy in the world that can make Jeff Beck sound muddy), his album output leaves a lot to be desired as well.

There are certainly gems out there, like Superlung, The River and Seeds of Memory. Pick up those jams and you'll get so hard you'll need to move up a pant size.

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  1. LOL So what's your pant size now, dude?
    BTW for some interesting live footage, pick up the 1969 film Groupies. Terry is performing Superlungs and Bang Bang. Those clips used to be on YouTube but got taken down, unfortunately.