Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ramatam. Ask Brother Ask. 1972

The sound quality on this is so poor it almost isn't worth posting. That said, I just found some Ramatam on vinyl after searching for a while. It pretty much shreds. Peep this line-up.

Mitch Mitchell - Drums
April Lawton - Guitar
Mike Pinera - Vocals, Guitar

Mitch needs no introduction.

April Lawton shredded so furiously that she was rumored to be a transexual in her time. She was also hailed as the female Hendrix. Tranny or not, she's got some serious chops.

Mike Pinera is a well traveled face melter, just check out his resume: Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, New Cactus, dude even ripped with Alice Cooper in the early 80's.

Their debut album was produced by none other than Tom Dowd. Pretty heady shit. Check out their tunes here.

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