Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jeff Beck Group. Going Down. 1972.

Is Jeff Beck my favorite rock guitar player ever? Decisions like this are so damn hard to make.

Take this song for instance. The real virtuoso here is Max Middleton on the ivories. Maybe even Bobby Tench behind the Mic...

Until the winds of Mt. Thor howl through his strings at the 2:17 mark, Beck is just impatiently waiting for Middleton to quit whacking off on the keys. He's fucking stretching his arms and cracking jokes!

I think maybe Hendrix and Gallagher are better "feel" players, and Page is definitely a better composer. There are a lot of dudes that are faster, and many that are more proficient at noodling. But for fucks sake, Jeff Beck has this sound that was just so far ahead of his time.

Listen to that entrance again at 2:17. There is a solid chance that some medicated school girl in the balcony ripped a small, but panty rattling shit after hearing that. Good god.

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