Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Devotion Surrender. A Love Supreme. 1973.

My Dad was just in town visiting. Over a meal of fresh raw oysters he recited his memories of living in San Francisco in the late '60's. One of the first concerts he saw there was Santana at a local Union hall. The concert was a tribute to a fallen Hell's Angel named "Joker." Dad talked about how out of place he and his friend Reid were. Two skinny white guys from Northern Minnesota in the presence of hardened criminals, bikers, speed freaks, and acid casualties.

He also told me about the time he saw Mahavishnu Orchestra play at the Guthrie in the 70's after he and my Mom moved back to Minnesota. John McLaughlin shredded a 5 hour set. Dad said it might be the most impressive live performance he's ever witnessed. That's pretty heavy praise coming from a guy who's seen hundreds of concerts including Hendrix, Zep, and just about every amazing blues player you can name.

Here's the two face shredders touching dicks with Buddha and Ganesha. Thanks for the knowledge, pops!

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