Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magic Man - Heart, 1976

The bad-ass-ness of a true bad-ass band comes through when they play small, not big. Case in point, this hard-on inducing run at Magic Man by Heart.


  1. Another rad video, but the guitarist appears to be in a Luke Skywalker costume.

  2. One of my favorite all-time video finds from Mike. Thanks.

  3. The guitarist in the Luke Skywalker get up also appears to have a boner, and you know I can't blame him. That drummer has a beautiful Ludwig Vistalite kit. Seriously though, Heart is a boner inducing band. God they were hot before pounds of butter burgers enorged them into the late 80s zaftig Heart, resposible for frightening me as a small boy. I really love this band.