Monday, December 21, 2009

Santana. Live in Ghana. 1971

When my Dad was living on the Haight in the late 60's early 70's he used to see Santana play quite a bit. He always dug the band and Carlos' chops, but he never failed to mention the rough element that would show up at their shows. Lots of Hells Angels, gang bangers and speed freaks. Dudes that packed heat after dipping into a few too many tabs of blotter.

The tough crowd isn't much of a surprise considering how fucking badass these dudes were. I wouldn't be shocked if Carlos was stowing a boot knife for most of these shows.

Then again, he always had his axe.

Watch this clip of Waiting.

Consult a loved one and or psychiatrist.

Commence vision quest.

Note: This set features Neal Schon at age 17. He later went on to start a little band called Journey. Don't get any fucking ideas Whipps.


  1. at the 50 second mark of that second clip, you can actually see Carlos transform into a feral howler monkey. Fucking rock!

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