Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shivers - Boys Next Door, 1979. (RIP Roland S. Howard)

Back in the 80's I danced with the dragon for a while. I'm not glorifying it. I went from a stupid looking pseudo-goth pussy to an even stupider (more mascara and hairspray) looking pseudo-goth pussy with a limp dick and trackmarks. Luckily I kicked the habit and the wardrobe.

One thing I didn't kick that I picked up during that time is a love of atmospheric twang guitar and The Birthday Party. I was lucky enough to see Roland S. Howard (guitar and composer of the Boy's Next Door track above) play live in Copenhagen in '88 (on the same night I saw Alice Cooper). He was a skinny dude with a heavy soul and whammy bar.

Thanks for indulging me. (RIP Dec. 30, 2009)

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