Monday, August 2, 2010

Johnny Guitar Watson. Mister Magic. 1977.

Here's a little Grover Washington diddy from one of the most underrated of the blues/funk players. He's also the dude who was rumored to be a real life pimp, and the guy who hooked Sly and Rick James on freebase.

I prefer to reference the good times though. This dude had been a Gangster of Love since the mid-50's. He didn't play with a pick, and his jams were always stuck in a stone cold groove.

From Wikipedia:

In a 1994 interview with David Ritz for liner notes to The Funk Anthology, Watson was asked if his 1980 song "Telephone Bill" anticipated rap music. "Anticipated?" Watson replied. "I damn well invented it!... And I wasn't the only one. Talking rhyming lyrics to a groove is something you'd hear in the clubs everywhere from Macon to Memphis. Man, talking has always been the name of the game. When I sing, I'm talking in melody. When I play, I'm talking with my guitar. I may be talking trash, baby, but I'm talking".

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