Saturday, July 11, 2009

Led Zeppelin. Communication Breakdown. 1969.

There's something about early Zeppelin that was so good, and yet so fleeting. Before Jimmy Page was diddling 14 year olds in LA's Riot House. Before Bob Plant started talking about hobbits. And way before John Paul Jones donned pink satin with dangly hearts on the sleeve. Yep, early Zep was the epitome of raw, unbridled garage rock. This shit was tough. Like driving an Oldsmobile Toronado through a brick wall, whacked on ludes. Or cold cocking a bar keep because you didn't like his pour, only to continue with your drink with glass stuck in your forehead. This shit is dangerous.


  1. I don't think Plant ever understood how good Page was. Just like Diamond Dave didn't know how much Eddie fucking ruled (and still rules.)

  2. Zeppelin will always be the real deal....they are beyond heavy metal, they are heavy blues...look how many they have influenced...their music lives on forever