Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. Crowley - Randy Rhoads, 1981

Yeah, I know it's an Ozzy track. Hail, Ozzy. I gotta toss the demon horns in the general direction of Mr. Roads on this one. I broke into hand to hoof conflict with a legion of insatiable succubi that appeared, blood-thirsty and cock-starved, in my cube after just 3 bars of his unholy fingerwork on this track.


  1. Randy Rhodes was only like 4 feet tall and he still managed to destroy worlds with his shredding.

  2. Face melted! I love these dudes. Such a great band. If metal continued in this vein instead of the Norwegian Viking crap that permeates the sound today, I would be wearing feathered hair and drinking goats blood with the best of them.